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Overlooking the gazebo at Langley Castle

Fire & Ice

After the snow storm last week we popped up to Langley Castle to say hello.  In the drawing room, we enjoyed a deliciously rich hot chocolate, sitting beside the fire place where it was quiet, warm and cosy.  I can safely say that at such a stunning hotel, I would be happy to get snowed Read more

Hedge laying


A little while ago Kevin took part in the 7th North East Hedgelaying Match.  It is the second time he has participated in the competition… and the second time he has ever attempted to lay a hedge! He won 2nd place in the novice class! Nice one Kevin! One winner (an elderly gentleman in his Read more

Mongol Rally

The Road To Monglia

During the course of our tours it is usual that Kevin’s road trip to Mongolia is mentioned.  For those that don’t know, in 2013 Kevin drove from the UK to Mongolia in a 1.2 litre Vauxhall Corsa, as part of The Mongol Rally. He recorded the whole trip on his trusty GoPro Camera and, once Read more

Kevin making a video at the tourism awards in London

Tourism Superstar Award 2017

Hey folks, Great news!  Kev has been nominated for a Visit England Tourism Superstar Award… cue a trip to London a couple of weeks ago!  Kev had to do a short film, along with the rest of the top ten finalists.  To vote for Kev you have to scroll to the bottom of the page, below the Read more

Night Sky - Haydon Bridge

Northumberland – Open for Winter

Whilst the majority of  tourists visit Northumberland during the busy summer months, there are still plenty of things on offer during the winter.  In fact the winter months are perfect if you like a little peace and quiet.  Lots of the historic venues are open during the winter on slightly reduced opening hours, and often you Read more

Janus Roman God of January

Janus, The Roman God Of January

January is named after Janus, the Roman God of beginnings, gates and doorways.  Janus has a face, on the front and the back of his head, seeing into the future and into the past.    The first month of the Julian calendar was dedicated to him as this was the beginning of the new year. Read more

Great Review

We have had a fantastic Tripadvisor review from one of our recent visitors.  If you would like to leave your own review we will delighted to share it. My wife and I visited England for our honeymoon in November, 2016. Not exactly a typical time to visit, and Northumberland may not be a part of Read more

Sycamore Gap Voted England’s Best Tree

Sycamore Gap has been voted the best tree in England.  Some of you will remember the tree from our Historical tours on Hadrian’s Wall and others will know it from the Kevin Costner film, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.   I think you will all agree this accolade is well deserved. Click here to see Read more