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Historical & Cultural Education For Schools, Museums & Events!

Education programmes for schools, museums and events. The sessions we provide are interactive, fun and informative!  We can tailor events to suit your requirements.

Iron Age

Venutius – The Celtic Warrior

Venutius is Cheiftain of the Brigante Tribe  a fierce Celtic Warrior.  His talk will include battle tactics, weapons, and armour. Discover why the Celtic Warriors painted themselves blue before going into battle. We will touch on Celtic beliefs and how the Celtic culture differed from the Romans. The lasting legacy from the Celts to us is their artwork, we will discuss this during the activity session.


  • Celtic Warrior Face Painting
  • Design Your Own Celtic Shield


Hetti – The Carvetii Iron Age Celt

Hetti is a Celtic druidess from the Carvetii tribe. She will teach you all about the Celtic way of life, the language they spoke and even some of the spells and magic they used. Learn about how the Celts used stone circles, who the Druids were, and Celtic myths and legends. Celtic society had a verbal history and one of the most important roles of the druid, was storytelling. Become part of Hetti’s Tale Trail – a little girl who wants nothing more than to become a Celtic warrior.


  • Celtic Language
  • Celtic spells, myths and legends
  • Interactive Storytelling