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Iron Age Warrior

Aim – Children will gain a deeper understanding about life in the Iron Age. This will include lifestyle, the importance of Celtic art, and the development of metal work.

How we achieve this – Venutius will explain that life in the Iron Age was very different. Until the Romans arrived in 43AD, there were no written records in Britain. The Celts were skilled artists, creating abstract designs that could be understood only by the select few.

The term Celt, originally Keltoi, means the hidden people. This is not to say the Celts were hidden, but rather their cultural identity was hidden. They had a verbal tradition. Storytelling was key to the Celtic world. A short poem for a Druid was two hours long and training for a Druid lasted 20 years. Druids were at the top of society, followed by warrior chieftains, then warriors, the professional class and the lower classes.

Artisan metal workers pioneered new techniques for making swords and jewellery. Women had equal rights to men, and some women became fierce warriors or powerful queens. Life changed dramatically with the arrival of the Roman Legions under the command of Emperor Claudius.

Activities can include:

• Interactive object handling session
• Celtic Warrior Face Painting
• Design Your Own Celtic Shield
• Question and answers will be taken throughout the session to consolidate information