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The Romans

Meet the Ancestors, an education programme for schools, museums and events. The sessions we provide are interactive, fun and informative!  We can tailor events to suit your requirements.


Roman Britain

Magnus- The Roman Centurion

Magnus will provide a very informative and entertaining talk about life in the Roman Army and will select some children to be “new recruits” and they will perform a defensive drill with shields.  Perfect for a Roman school visit.

  • Activities:

  • Shield Drill
  • Shield design

Antonia – The Roman Lady

Antonia will talk about Roman festivals and how to celebrate them.   She will look at how the British diet change when the Romans arrived and show some of the herbs the Romans brought with them.  Children will be able to have a go at grinding wheat for flour on a rotary quern stone to see how hard daily life could be.  Diana will also discuss civilian society on Hadrian’s Wall.  There were many board games that the Romans loved to play but a firm favourite was Latrunculi or Little Soldiers, Diana will explain the rules and then the children will play the game for real.

  • Activities:

  • Festival activity
  • Grinding Wheat
  • Playing Latrunculi