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The Romans

The Roman Soldier

Aim – Children will gain a deeper understanding about The Roman Invasion of Britain, and how the Roman and native British cultures merged. They will also discover the legacy of Roman Britain.

How we achieve this – Britain was a distant land, far from the city of Rome. Magnus will explain why Emperor Claudius sent The Roman Army to the shores of Britain in 43AD. The conquest of Britain took over 35 years with many battles being fought. Eventually the native populations were subdued, and a great wall was built to form a northern boundary. Troops from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East were stationed along the Wall. Magnus will discuss what life was like for a Roman Soldier. The Romans remained in Britain for over 360 years. The legacy of Roman Britain is still visible today.

Activities can include:

• Interactive object handling session
• Shield Drill
• Shield design
• Question and answers will be taken throughout the session to consolidate information