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Lovely Reviews

Thank you to all our lovely clients that have taken the time to send us reviews.  The reviews we’ve received have all been wonderfully kind.  We’ve have had an enormous challenge trying to select only a few for the shortlist.….

We really enjoyed your very informative walk on Hadrian’s Wall. Loved the humour of your Roman Soldiers & how they told the history of Britain at that time. Well worth every penny, looking forward to more venues with you. – Paul, Harrogate

Led by a team passionate about their subject, this guided walk brought the history of Hadrian’s Wall to life. It was as entertaining as it was informative, and we haven’t stopped talking about it ever since.  – Martha, Alnmouth

We have nothing but praise for a fascinating afternoon at Hadrian’s Wall. Gambax has an amazing knowledge of all things Roman as well as a great sense of humour. We would definitely recommend this activity. Thanks again.  –  Terry & Pat, Durham

I enjoyed the walk on Saturday. I was particularly impressed by the ‘Roman’ guide.  To be honest, I expected a weak smattering of information about the wall.  In fact, the guide was clearly a real expert, with a thorough understanding of how and why the wall was built, and a deep knowledge of both the Roman’s and the Celts who lived along it. I couldn’t have been more impressed.  Informative and fun too. – Simon, Newcastle-Upon- Tyne

Thanks for the tour on Saturday – had a great time!! Directions were good, guides were great – knowledgeable and witty and the walk was comfortable. In fact, stood at the wall and listening to the “Centurion” telling us the history, we could almost see and hear the Celts approaching from the North!!! – Chris, Teeside

I would just like to say what a memorable experience it was and how much I enjoyed the walk. The knowledge and presentation of our guide was second to none and everyone was so friendly.  I would certainly recommend it to all my friends .Thanks. – Mac, Gateshead

Thanks for an unforgettable day!  You make a wonderful team. We knew we were in good hands from the moment that your sensible and thorough kit list arrived but everything about the tour was good:  It was as entertaining and stimulating as a good play and it’s obvious that you all know your stuff. There wasn’t a boring moment in the whole tour and the funny or sensational aspects never came at the expense of fact and knowledge.  The pace never flagged – in fact the banter between you three was delightful and the two-man act employed to convey the educational talk at the beginning was very convincing and slick. I was not surprised to learn that our ‘roman’ was an archaeologist and an ex-military man.  In fact all three of you were clearly not only knowledgable but also passionate about the Wall, and you had us all caught up in your enthusiasm from the start.  I thought you did a fine job of managing us all.  Everyone had your attention whenever they needed it and there was a great sense of friendliness and ease throughout.  You guys deserve to do really well.  Thank you. – Leita, Co. Durham