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Welcome to Ancient Britain Guided Tours and Bushcraft

Journey Back in Time With Ancient Britain!

At Ancient Britain we use activities and traditional skills to help people connect to the landscape, the environment, and our shared cultural heritage so people develop a better relationship with the world around them.

Using the finest storytelling on our tours we create links to our predecessors. Their tales echo across time, as we find traces of them etched into the landscape.

We explore the origins of traditional skills. By taking part in bushcraft activities like fire lighting, guests better understand our ancestors amazing survival skills. By looking at the development of these traditional skills we provide context, so people see how our ancestors figured out new ways of doing cool stuff!

Strong immersion creates learning experiences that kids will always remember. Our school sessions involve storytelling with activity-based workshops. We believe this is a more holistic way of learning. It keeps kids engaged and encourages the natural way we humans learn, though participation and fun!

For public events we provide educational activities based on all the above.

We are a small company, because we are a family.  We live and work in rural Northumberland; therefore we are passionate about showcasing local attractions and hidden gems, so guests experience the Northumberland that we know and love.

Come rain, hail or shine, our guests have big smiles on their faces and great stories to tell their friends… to learn more contact Kevin or Sara to book an experience you will always remember!