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Tale Trails at Cawfields

One of our colleagues, Anja Phoenix has written a new Tale Trails story map based around Cawfields and Great Chesters Fort on Hadrian’s Wall. Kevin and I were happy to be included in the official launch last Friday, 17th April 2015. Border News were there to document the launch! You can watch their video here:

ITV – Border News Video Link

What is a Tale Trail:

Youngsters are encouraged to lead their parents on a walk using the beautifully illustrated map. On the reverse of the map, is a fantastic story for the kids to follow. Anja’s new story is all about, “The Adventures of Mungo and Bran!”

This wonderful tale follows a crazy, cake-eating Celt and his trusty steed, Mungo. Tale Trails are a wonderful way to stimulate a child’s imagination, and they will also learn without even realising it! Add to all that, the fact that it makes a brilliant excuse to get out in the countryside for an afternoon walk, and you are onto a winner!

Anja’s work was supported by The Northumberland National Park so it was brilliant to work alongside their fabulous team yet again.

We were also introduced to Claire Waring from Custard Graphic Design the lady that created the beautiful illustrations.
Well done Anja! We look forward to reading the next Tale Trail!

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