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Stone Age

Meet Bruach – the Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer

In this stone age session Bruach will discuss climate change at the end of the ice age, which created rising sea levels turning what we now call Britain into an island.  He will also discuss the animals living in Britain at the time, animalistic worship, hunting techniques and flint tools.


  • Fire by friction, with a “Bow Drill”
  • Hunting techniques, “Throwing spear & Throwing arrows”

Meet Etive – the Neolithic Farmer

Etive will discuss the relatively new concept of farming.  She will discuss how we moved away from nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyles to become settled farmers.  Religion changes in this period from animal worship to celestial and ancestral worship.  She will look at this development of beliefs through cave art.  She will examine the changes in cave art throughout the different eras of the Stone Age, showing how art developed.  We will look at some brand new technology in Neolithic farming – quern stones to process wheat into flour.


  • Cave painting
  • Wheat grinding using a quern stone

Meet Teallach – one of “the Beaker people”

In this session Teallach will discuss the migration of the Beaker people who brought with them to Britain, their Bronze tools and their iconic beakers.  He will also discuss henges, long barrows, stone circles and megaliths.


  • Clay Beaker making
  • Stone circles