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Kevin's caving mentor

Hard Decisions at Sleets Gill

Last weekend marked the 26th anniversary of the rescue of Roy and Les from Sleets Gill cave. This rescue was special for many reasons… It was one of the first ever British underwater rescues from a cave, which combined mountain rescue and cave diving teams, working alongside the emergency services. What makes the story so Read more

Overlooking the gazebo at Langley Castle

Fire & Ice

After the snow storm last week we popped up to Langley Castle to say hello.  In the drawing room, we enjoyed a deliciously rich hot chocolate, sitting beside the fire place where it was quiet, warm and cosy.  I can safely say that at such a stunning hotel, I would be happy to get snowed Read more

We love snow!


Britain was hit by extreme wild weather last week.  A bitterly cold wind whistled in from Siberia, which newspapers nicknamed The Beast From The East.  This icy chill created blizzards with snowfall up to 50cm in some places.  As the light powder snow fell, the wind easily blew it into huge snow drifts, up to 7-8ft high, Read more

Hedge laying


A little while ago Kevin took part in the 7th North East Hedgelaying Match.  It is the second time he has participated in the competition… and the second time he has ever attempted to lay a hedge! He won 2nd place in the novice class! Nice one Kevin! One winner (an elderly gentleman in his Read more

Janus Roman God of January

January – The Month of Janus

January is named after Janus, the Roman God of beginnings, gates and doorways.  Janus looks into the past, present and future.    January the first month of the Julian calendar was dedicated to Janus as this was the beginning of the new year.  The custom of exchanging small gifts developed, the most popular gift to Read more

Allendale Tar Barrels

Allendale Tar Barrels

As the New Year fast approaches the residents of Allendale are preparing for the annual New Years eve procession of the Tar Barrels.   The tradition in Allendale goes back at least 160 years.  The whiskey barrels filled with tar and are carried around the village by men or guisers who were born in the Allen Read more

Bushcraft at Langley

Yorkshire Post Article

Here is a lovely write up  in the Yorkshire Post about our bushcraft activities, available at Langley Castle. We have a close working relationship with Langley Castle and quite often we provide tours or bushcraft activities for their guests. Langley is a wonderfully charismatic place to stay during your time in Northumberland, and for the more Read more

Robert Frost's poem illustrated by

Paper Free Christmas Challenge – Cards

As part of our paper free Christmas challenge we have decided to send e-cards. This way our friends and family still know we are thinking of them, and we can write a lovely message to them, but we can celebrate the fact that we are not being wasteful about using lots of paper. In recent Read more