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Northumberland Day 2018

On Thursday Kevin was invited to Longstone Lighthouse on The Farne Islands to help officially launch Northumberland Day 2018.  Check out The Chronicle newspaper article for a short video. The day included a boat trip with George Shiel, to the lighthouse that was home to the Darling family in the early 1800’s, with it’s most famous Read more

Mindful Monsters

Our work at Ancient Britain often involves working with kids.  It is very rewarding to open up history in fun and imaginative ways, or to introduce the joys of bushcraft and playing out in the woods! As it is Mental Health Awareness week, we thought we’d raise awareness that kids can struggle with mental health Read more

Kevin's caving mentor

Hard Decisions at Sleets Gill

Last weekend marked the 26th anniversary of the rescue of Roy and Les from Sleets Gill cave. This rescue was special for many reasons… It was one of the first ever British underwater rescues from a cave, which combined mountain rescue and cave diving teams, working alongside the emergency services. What makes the story so Read more

Overlooking the gazebo at Langley Castle

Fire & Ice

After the snow storm last week we popped up to Langley Castle to say hello.  In the drawing room, we enjoyed a deliciously rich hot chocolate, sitting beside the fire place where it was quiet, warm and cosy.  I can safely say that at such a stunning hotel, I would be happy to get snowed Read more

The Blacksmiths – Ribe

From the Bronze Age onwards, blacksmiths were an integral part of any village.  In the early eras of metal work, blacksmiths were highly esteemed, viewed almost as magicians.  The skill of creating molten metal from rocks was a mysterious and astonishing craft.  During the Iron Age, they would smelt iron from ore, and create everyday essential Read more

The Farm – Ribe

My grandfather was a dairy farmer and most of my early memories are being with him and my grandmother on the farm while they milked the cows, tended their vegetable patch and fed the chickens, so I have always felt an affinity for farming. Being so close to the animals at Ribe was a pure Read more

The Carpenters – Ribe

Wood is perhaps the greatest renewable resource that has been available to us throughout human history. Tree identification can be difficult, even with the bark and leaves on view, yet a skilled carpenter can use the patterns of the grain, colour, texture and smell to distinguish the type of wood. Historically, an axe is the tool of Read more

The Thing House – Ribe

Within the walls of the Thing House, the frieze paintings come alive in the light of the fire.   The beautifully decorated murals tell the exciting story of the founding of Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe. The paint for these beautiful images has been made of earth colors. Even the precious ultramarine blue, has chosen because it’s an historically Read more