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Muncaster Castle Festival of Fools 2016

We had a fantastic time at Muncaster Castle “Festival of Fools” over the May bank holiday.  We had the privilege to meet “Twiggy” the new born roe deer on the evening before the event, when she was only four days old.  To find out about Twiggy’s incredible rescue follow this link!

For those of you unfamiliar with Muncaster Castle, it is the home of Tom Fool – “We’ll have none of that Tom Foolery around here!” – well that’s him!  Every year a new “fool” is picked to become the resident fool of the castle.  Cue lots of circus performers, acrobats, clowns and comedians.

We were on site to provide some educational activities for the children (and adults) visiting for half term.  We had the pre-history tent with our resident Paleolithic hunter-gatherer, Neolithic farmer, and Celtic warrior (Kev, Sara & Anja).   The Romans (Joe & Alex) were looking resplendent in all their kit and their Roman marching tent provided a great backdrop.  The vikings (Terry) were positively modern, compared to our Stone Age set up, with all that new technology!

To top it all off, the weather was wall-to-wall sunshine!

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