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Our Company – How?

How we do what we do! Using activities and traditional skills we help people connect to the landscape, the environment, and our shared cultural heritage so people develop a better relationship with the world around them. Using the finest storytelling on our tours we create links to our predecessors. Their tales echo across time, as Read more

Activity based learning for kids

Our Company – Why?

Why we do what we do! We believe people are losing their connection to the outdoors and this is having a detrimental effect on our collective well-being.  Our company connects people to the landscape and the environment, through their cultural heritage. We believe that if people feel connected to the world around them they are Read more

The Carpenters – Ribe

Wood is perhaps the greatest renewable resource that has been available to us throughout human history. Tree identification can be difficult, even with the bark and leaves on view, yet a skilled carpenter can use the patterns of the grain, colour, texture and smell to distinguish the type of wood. Historically, an axe is the tool of Read more

The Long House, Ribe

Recently, we traveled to Denmark on a research trip to Ribe, Viking Village. The first building that looms into view is…. The Long House!  As your eyes adjust to the darker interior you begin to notice beams of light from the rafters and the wonderful smell of wood smoke that hangs in the air from the fire. Read more

Spider Breeding Season is Upon Us!

I found this fascinating video of Sir David Attenborough explaining what “ballooning” is, and thought I’d share it with you all.  It is not very often I can watch stuff on spiders but this was great (I couldn’t bring myself to watch the “jumping spider” video on the BBC iplayer though)! First some interesting facts Read more

Could Your Child Survive Alone In The Woods?

I found this very interesting article on The Mother Nature Network: There’s a hierarchy of survival skills that are more age-appropriate for children than teaching them how to skin a squirrel for supper. For any parent, the idea of your children wondering lost and alone in the wilderness is a terrifying one. For Paul Osborn, Read more

My Teacher

I have always been very hyperactive and sitting still for long periods of time is challenging for me.  I have never needed a lot of sleep and when I was young the doctors advised my mother to sleep when I slept, if she hoped to get some rest.  Even now my wife says if I lie Read more

The Hunger Games – Katniss Remembers her Fathers Lessons

You may have seen the film, but as usual the book is so much better.   One of the things I liked most from the books was this:  Katniss lost her father when he died in a mine blast.  While her mother was lost in despair, it was her father’s words, her father’s knowledge that kept Read more