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Northumbrian New Year

The Allendale Tar Barrels

For an epic Northumbrian New Year visit the Allendale Tar Barrels (sometimes know as Tar Bar’l or other  spellings).  It is one of the best nights out to celebrate the festive season.  Take your flask of mulled wine (fruit punch for the designated driver), wrap up warm, and enjoy.

As New Years Eve approaches, Allendale residents prepare for the New Years Eve procession.  The “guisers” walk around the village with flaming barrels of tar atop their heads, and a brass band accompanies them playing local folk songs.

Celebrate our cultural heritage alongside us, here in Northumberland.  Having a local tour guide means you can share the experiences we love.  If you see us in the crowed come and say hello.

This is our Northumberland.

In the meantime, check out our video below: