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British Heart Foundation Event 2014

The British Heart Foundation have organised a challenging hike along the world famous Hadrian’s Wall. Tackling the toughest 9-mile stretch, participants will have a fantastic day out and leave with great memories. They will also help the British Heart Foundation (BHF) save lives.

The 2014 event is now full – but you can register up for 2015 – Sign up today for 2015

Our auxiliary soldier will be at the start line this Sunday (27th April) to set the participants away. He will also be at sycamore gap in the afternoon for a bit of historical banter as participants walk by.

Not to be left out, Centurion Gambax and myself will be at Cawfields doing our Roman with a Roman tour at 10:00am and 1:00pm and our Gory Stories: The Brutal Realities of the Roman Empire tour at 3:30pm (adults only). If any spectators wish to join us, then £1 from every ticket will be donated to BHF!

To book please email or ring 01434688386