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Team Building

Ancient Britain have a fantastic team building experience on offer. We start the day with a discussion on “What is Teamwork?” We look at different personalities in the workplace and how this can lead to different approaches to tasks and different communication styles. Examine how different personalities are both useful and essential in any team.

Then take part in our “Ultimate Survival Challenge”!  Incorporate our historical knowledge, bushcraft skills to provide a bespoke day.  Contact Kevin on 01434 688 386 or email for more information.

Ultimate Survival Challenge

Imagine that your team are stranded in the wilderness after surviving a plane crash. You have no communication with the outside world and need to adapt to your surroundings and employ basic survival skills in order to hold out until the rescue party finds you… if it does!

The instructors will take a back seat to observe the dynamics of each team, communication skills and leadership skills.

This is a fantastic day offering insight into the people you work with. It is also a brilliant opportunity to boost morale, socialise with your colleagues and have something fun to talk about for a long time to come.


From £35 per person.

Please contact Kevin in the Ancient Britain Office on 01434 688 386, to discuss the details of your event.