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Warkworth Castle is magnificent with its cross-shaped keep crowning a hilltop above the River Coquet. Once home to the powerful Percy family who now reside in Alnwick Castle, Warkworth was and remains one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in North East England.

The Hermitage is a hidden gem that not many people know of. Discreetly hidden by trees on the north side of the river, you can only view it by paying the boatman to ferry you across The River Coquet in a traditional rowing boat. The hermitage is carved right out of the rock face and this sacred place is steeped in legend. We know the site dates back to medieval times but no-one knows who created this enchanting place or who the first hermit was. Anyone who has been to Warkworth agrees the Hermitage is a magical place.

Cabosse is the creation of chocolatière-pâtissière Louise Frederique and offers a destination of distinction for lovers of fine continental style pâtisserie and unique fresh cream chocolates, all handmade in the heart of the beautiful Northumbrian village of Warkworth.