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Berwick Coronation Park – Tuesday 9th August


Come see us at Berwick Coronation Park (next to the train station) for a day of medieval warfare and witchcraft.  You will be able to meet:

William – The Medieval Knight (Joe)

Robert – The Scottish Spy (Kev)

The men will discuss medieval siege tactics and weapons.  They will have some siege weapons on display to talk about.  They will also demonstrate hand to hand combat.  Kids can have a go at designing their own heraldry for shields.

Elizabeth – The Healer  (Sara)

Morgana – The Sorceress  (Anja)

Elizabeth and Morgana – Kids can have a go at learning some magic spells, trying some tricks with magic stones and fire rocks with Morgana. Elizabeth will do some myth busting on who medieval witches really were by looking at the herbal remedies, magic and folklore associated with plants.  Their “creepy coven” will also have a cauldron, a life-size stake, and they will discuss witch hunts, trials, and punishments.