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Kids birthday party

Bushcraft in Northumberland

A bushcraft kids birthday party is the perfect way for youngsters to understand and respect the natural environment, as well as becoming self reliant and confident.  Being self reliant is a fantastic confidence builder.  Creating a fire from a spark and building a shelter from limited materials all help to promote self confidence.  It has been proven that children learn better when outdoors.  The natural beauty of the Northumberland country side provides an amazing back drop for the bushcraft activities.  What better way of switching off from modern distractions and reconnecting with the natural environment.

Kids birthday party £25pp (3 hours)

Using traditional and modern techniques to light a fire.  Fire lighting is a very rewarding activity and making a fire with a flint and steel or a bow drill encourages youngsters to feel very confident in their new skills.  A perfect activity for a Bushcraft kids birthday party.

Make your very own throwing arrow. Decorate the flights so we know it belongs to you, then have a competition to see who can throw their arrow the furthest! You will get to take your arrow home with you at the end of the day!  The technology of these arrows goes back thousands of years, when our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors used throwing spears to catch their food.

Using natural and modern materials in a variety of combinations build your very own shelter which will be a welcome home to protect you from the elements.

To complete the bushcraft kids birthday party enjoy a light lunch of hotdog in a bun, as well as as snacks. The children can eat their lunch inside the den they have just built. For desert, everyone will have a go at toasting marshmallows around the fire.

Tea, coffee and water will be available throughout the session.