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Live Like A Roman

During this tour you will experience what it is like to march along the Roman Wall that once marked the northern boundary of The Roman Empire.  Walk at your own pace, enjoying the stunning vistas of the National Park, and discover the remains of Hadrian’s Wall, a milecastle, and the vallum, a defence ditch south of the wall.

Most importantly, you will discover what life was like on this frontier 2000 years ago.

After your ‘march’ along the wall, pitch a Roman marching tent, made from leather goat hides. Once you are nestled cosily inside your atmospheric tent, tuck into a delicious Roman themed light lunch. Some dishes will be familiar, some unusual, some you will need to try a few times.

After lunch you will de-camp.

  • Group and family discount available

  • (approx. 3 to 4 hours)

More Information

  • A half day and full day tour is also available
  • Tours in English
  • Your guide will be dressed in authentic clothing for this tour.  We do, however, reserve the right to wear modern clothing if the weather is causes concern for health and safety.
  • Start Location:  Cawfields
  • Distance:  The tour takes place outdoors with uneven paths to walk on, see the leisurely Walk description.
  • Leisurely Walk: A walk for reasonably fit people with a little country walking experience, on rural paths. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are recommended
  • Fitness: This experience involves lifting a leather tent.  Participant must be able to lift approximately 10-15kg.  Please advise your guide of any health concerns you have at the time of booking.  Bad backs, hips and knees will not necessarily prohibit you from this experience.  We will need to know so we can keep you from aggravating any aliments.
  • Times:  The tour runs throughout the year.  Start time is 10:00am and finish time is 2:00pm. Booking is essential
  • Terms & Conditions

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£75.00 per person


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