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These Boots Were Made For Walking

Alas, my faithful Soloman boots have died a death.  The heels are coming away and there are splits in the soul (and in the sides) that are letting water in.  I’m gutted.

You have to understand these are the boots that helped me discover my passion for walking.  They provided the positive inspiration after my Gran died to organise my first charity walk on Hadrian’s Wall.  From there, I have never looked back.

These boots have seen me through 255 miles of long distance charity walks, 300 miles of training walks and hundreds of unaccounted walks for the sheer pleasure of being out with the dog.  They have lasted 8 years and in that time they have never given me a blister. They are a perfect fit.  It’s as if they had been purposely designed for my feet.

Let’s hope my new pair live up to the high standards Soloman have set!