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Britain was hit by extreme wild weather last week.  A bitterly cold wind whistled in from Siberia, which newspapers nicknamed The Beast From The East.  This icy chill created blizzards with snowfall up to 50cm in some places.  As the light powder snow fell, the wind easily blew it into huge snow drifts, up to 7-8ft high, causing chaos on the roads.

Many rural communities were cut off for five days as snow ploughs steadily worked their way through the mountains of snow.  Farmers were still trying to get out to tend their livestock.  Doctors, nurses and carers were given lifts to work in tractors and 4×4 off road vehicles by kind-hearted volunteers.  The military were brought in to air lift supplies and act as emergency rescue vehicles.  I particularly liked this article by the New York Times because it focused on the rural communities near us.

By Saturday most of the valley roads were clear, so we drove up to the military road, alongside Hadrian’s Wall, to discover the snow had been piled up as high as our 4×4 vehical.

In true Wild Dog style we managed to embrace the adverse weather and found time to have some fun. We made snow sculptures with our nieces.  For a three years old and an eight months old, they are pretty good at snow sculptures!

Can you guess who/what they are?

Check out our photographs below.

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