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Paper Free Christmas Challenge – Wrapping

Christmas Season is upon us and people will be Christmas shopping soon.  With that in mind, we have decided to set ourselves the “Paper Free Christmas Challenge”!

I am sure you are already well aware of the vast quantity of wrapping paper that is bundled up on Christmas morning and put straight into the re-cycle bin.  Now imagine that is happening in every single household across the nation.  What a waste of paper.

Anyhow, we can across this idea and loved it!

Use material instead of paper.  The present is still beautifully wrapped for the recipient, with the added bonus that they can save the material, folding and storing it neatly in a drawer or cupboard.  The recipient can then “gift” the wrapping material when they give a present to someone… or they could even gift it back to you!


We even came across some very cool material bags on Etsy that you could buy! Christmas Gift Bags