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Alwinton Round 2013

We had a great time this weekend doing the Alwinton Round.  My brother recently joined the North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team (who host the event every year) and as Ollie had been drafted in to Marshall one of the check points, we all decided to participate in the walk.  It is the first time Read more

We Took To The Woods

In her early thirties, Louise Dickinson Rich took to the woods of Maine with her husband.  They found their livelihood and raised a family in the remote backcountry settlement of Middle Dam, in the Rangeley area.  Louise made time after morning chores to write about their lives.  First published in 1942, We Took to the Read more

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Alas, my faithful Soloman boots have died a death.  The heels are coming away and there are splits in the soul (and in the sides) that are letting water in.  I’m gutted. You have to understand these are the boots that helped me discover my passion for walking.  They provided the positive inspiration after my Read more

Walks on Hadrian’s Wall with a Roman Soldier

Well, we did our first walk along Hadrian’s Wall.  We’ve had loads of great feedback from everyone!  It was brilliant to see Gambax, The Centurion, all dressed up.  His costume adds extra colour and dimension to this experience.  Gambax has such vast knowledge and is so passionate about the subject matter, couple that with his Read more

The Hunger Games – Katniss Remembers her Fathers Lessons

You may have seen the film, but as usual the book is so much better.   One of the things I liked most from the books was this:  Katniss lost her father when he died in a mine blast.  While her mother was lost in despair, it was her father’s words, her father’s knowledge that kept Read more

The Call Of the Wild – Boundless Delight

This is one of my favourite extracts from, ‘The Call of The Wild’, a book every kid should read.  This passage describes everything I love about back-country living and bushcraft. “John Thornton asked little of man or nature.  He was unafraid of the wild.  With a handful of salt and a rifle he could plunge Read more

Hexham Book Festival – Joe Simpson Lecture

Last night we attended a fascinating lecture at The Queens Hall.  The guest speaker was Joe Simpson. Joe is a climber and writer.  His most famous book, “Touching the Void,” is a powerful, true story of the horrific injuries he suffered during the descent of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes, but more importantly, what Read more

Cool Camping: England, Northumberland

It’s official. Camping is cool. With designer floral-print tents, self-inflating air mattresses and state-of-the-art campsite facilities, it’s no longer a chore to head for the hills at the weekend. A generation raised on summer festivals and gap-year backpacking has rediscovered the great outdoors as a tonic to high-density urban life. And there’s no better way Read more