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Spider Breeding Season is Upon Us!

I found this fascinating video of Sir David Attenborough explaining what “ballooning” is, and thought I’d share it with you all.  It is not very often I can watch stuff on spiders but this was great (I couldn’t bring myself to watch the “jumping spider” video on the BBC iplayer though)! First some interesting facts Read more

Can A Week Under Canvas Reset Our Body Clocks?

I found this interesting article on the BBC News website: Researchers say that camping for a week can reset the biological clock that governs our sleeping patterns The scientists argue that modern life disrupts our sleep through exposure to electric light and reduced access to sunlight.  But after spending time in the great outdoors, the Read more

Could Your Child Survive Alone In The Woods?

I found this very interesting article on The Mother Nature Network: There’s a hierarchy of survival skills that are more age-appropriate for children than teaching them how to skin a squirrel for supper. For any parent, the idea of your children wondering lost and alone in the wilderness is a terrifying one. For Paul Osborn, Read more

An Evening with Ray Mears: The Outdoor Life

I have been looking for a suitable birthday present for Kevin and I happened to stumble across this gem of an event!  If anyone wants to join us there is a link at the bottom to buy tickets! “We are delighted to welcome Ray Mears back to the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre on Wednesday 2nd October Read more

My Teacher

I have always been very hyperactive and sitting still for long periods of time is challenging for me.  I have never needed a lot of sleep and when I was young the doctors advised my mother to sleep when I slept, if she hoped to get some rest.  Even now my wife says if I lie Read more

Alwinton Round 2013

We had a great time this weekend doing the Alwinton Round.  My brother recently joined the North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team (who host the event every year) and as Ollie had been drafted in to Marshall one of the check points, we all decided to participate in the walk.  It is the first time Read more