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Mindful Monsters

Our work at Ancient Britain often involves working with kids.  It is very rewarding to open up history in fun and imaginative ways, or to introduce the joys of bushcraft and playing out in the woods!

As it is Mental Health Awareness week, we thought we’d raise awareness that kids can struggle with mental health and well being issues too.

Being out in nature a a huge benefit to our emotional and psychological well being, so most of our Ancient Britain activities are wonderful for this – check out our family days!

If you would like to help your child/grandchild/nephews/nieces, then check out Mindful Monsters by Scope.

The activity packs help to build meditation skills and children to learn healthy coping strategies to deal with overwhelming emotions.

The activity packs can also help with:

  • More resilience in day-to-day life
  • Improved focus
  • Better understanding of emotions
  • A sense of calm
  • More positive thinking – promoting kindness, empathy and gratitude

Also check out our previous blog on ‘Worried William‘ written by teacher, Liam Kelly.