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Great Review

We have had a fantastic Tripadvisor review from one of our recent visitors.  If you would like to leave your own review we will delighted to share it.

My wife and I visited England for our honeymoon in November, 2016. Not exactly a typical time to visit, and Northumberland may not be a part of the country that one naturally thinks of visiting as the days are getting shorter and the weather is growing colder, but we wanted to see more of the country than just the south. We also wanted to see some historical sites while we were there, so we booked two tours with Ancient Britain: the Roam with the Romans tour, and the Devilswater to Durham tour, with Kevin as our guide on both days. Both tours were fantastic! Kevin is an incredibly knowledgeable, friendly guide, with what is clearly a deep passion for history. The sites were also terrific to see. On our Roam with the Romans tour, we visited Hadrian’s Wall (one of the mile forts near Haydon Bridge), and the Vindolanda museum, both of which are remarkable sites to see. The Vindolanda museum is worth visiting alone, even if weather prohibits a walk to the wall itself. It’s an amazing collection of antiquity that really helps to illustrate daily life on the frontier of Roman Britain. On our second day, we visited Hexham Abbey (including the crypts below), Blanchland, and both Durham Cathedral and Durham College. While Durham Cathedral and College are certainly the centerpieces of this tour, the other two sites are well worth visiting, and Kevin again provided excellent insight into the history of both locations. For both days, Kevin picked us up at our hotel, and drove us around by car. This gave us an opportunity to see a bit more of the Northumberland countryside, which I highly recommend seeing if you have a chance. On our second day, we also stopped at the Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland for a cup of coffee, and had lunch in the Durham Cathedral restaurant, both of which were quite nice, especially on a cool November day. Overall, we had a wonderful time, and heartily recommend Ancient Britain. One last note as a postscript — don’t be scared of visiting in the later months of fall. One of the main benefits of the timing of our trip was that there was basically nobody around anywhere, so we had pretty much all of the sites we visited to ourselves, at least insofar as other tourists were concerned. I’d suggest visiting in September or October, though, if you’re looking to do Wild Dog’s Castles of the Coast tour (which I’ll absolutely do the next time we’re in the area), since many of the sites close down for the winter months.