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Cool Camping: England, Northumberland

It’s official. Camping is cool. With designer floral-print tents, self-inflating air mattresses and state-of-the-art campsite facilities, it’s no longer a chore to head for the hills at the weekend. A generation raised on summer festivals and gap-year backpacking has rediscovered the great outdoors as a tonic to high-density urban life. And there’s no better way to enjoy a wilderness experience than with a sleeping bag and tent, to sleep under the stars and to wake with the sun.

This book features a hand-picked selection of campsites and camping experiences in England, each with something very special. It might be an unbeatable view of a pristine coastline, a tranquil lakeside location or the chance to spend the night in an American trailer or a Mongolian yurt. Whatever the particular (or peculiar) attraction, all these places are definitely worth seeking out.

Cool camping is not a traditional, formulaic camping guide book to take with you on your tour around the country. It’s designed to help you pick a truly fantastic destination site, and devote a weekend – or longer – to enjoying its charms and local attractions. Whether you are looking to escape to the tranquillity of the Isles of Scilly, ramble in the Peak District or locate a prime surfing or sunbathing spot in Cornwall, Cool Camping: England is a breath of fresh air for the canvas-inclined.

Let the words guide you and the pictures inspire you to your own unforgettable camping experience.

– Extract taken from one of our favourite camping books – Cool Camping: England