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Alice Roberts Lecture – TAME

How do you tame wildness?

This is the question Alice Roberts will delve into, revealing the amazing stories of the species that became our allies.  From the domestic dog, cattle, horses, wheat, potatoes and apples…  find out how taming all these species has left its mark – on us!

For hundreds of thousand of years our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, and they existed in a world where they were dependent on wild plants and animals.

Then a revolution happened: the agricultural revolution.

This is the single biggest shift in human existence.  With farming we started to domesticate wild species and they became crucial to our own survival and success.

Kevin and I have tickets to what is certain to be a brilliant and fascinating lecture at The Tyne Theatre.

The lecture is this Wednesday evening, 18th October.

Follow this link – to see if there are still tickets available