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What Our Customers Say…

To be honest, I expected a weak smattering of information about the wall. In fact, the guide was clearly a real expert, with a thorough understanding of how and why the wall was built, and a deep knowledge both the Roman's and the Celts who lived along it. I couldn't have been more impressed. Informative and fun too.

Simon V.

I would just like to say what a memorable experience it was and how much I enjoyed the walk. The knowledge and presentation of our guide was second to none and everyone was so friendly. I would certainly recommend it to all my friends .


Both my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience & we thought Sara was lovely & friendly & helpful, & our Roman guide was extremely knowledgable & interesting--makes history come to life--really good & educational.

Rosemary T

Thanks for an unforgettable day! You make a wonderful team. Iit's obvious that you all know your stuff. There wasn't a boring moment in the whole tour & the funny or sensational aspects never came at the expense of fact & knowledge. The pace never flagged - in fact the banter between you three was delightful. I was not surprised to learn that our 'roman' was an archaeologist. In fact all three of you were clearly not only knowledgable but also passionate about the Wall, & you had us all caught up in your enthusiasm from the start. I thought you did a fine job of managing us all. Everyone had your attention whenever they needed it & there was a great sense of friendliness & ease throughout. You guys deserve to do really well. Thank you.


We have nothing but praise for a fascinating afternoon at Hadrian's Wall. Gambax has an amazing knowledge of all things Roman as well as a great sense of humour. We would definitely recommend this activity. Thanks again.

Terry & Pat S

I'd have done history at shcool if I'd had a teacher like Joe... he was brilliant! :)

Rosie M

Led by a team passionate about their subject, this guided walk brought the history of Hadrian's Wall to life. It was as entertaining as it was informative, & we haven't stopped talking about it ever since.

Martha, David & Phil

I don’t see how you could make that better, the guided walk was superb.

Hazel H.

Never thought you could have so much fun lighting fires & wildnerness cooking! Fantastic day!

Helen L

Loved the humour of your Roman Soldiers & how they told the history of Britain at that time. Well worth every penny.

Paul C.

Thank you for a wonderful day. Great activities for a hen do, great mix of activities, adapted perfectly to the audience, &brilliant preparation. Highly recommended & encourage you to spread the word throughout Northumberland & beyond.

Kathryn L.

Kev, you have a really nice teaching style, very open and friendly, never patronising or tense, however you carefully maintained a safe environment. Fire lighting was great, when we got the bow drill going I was the most proud I've been since Daisy was born!

Chris L.